Why Lead Free Fishing Tackle

Environment Canada is moving towards implementing Lead-Free Fishing Tackle.

The use of lead fishing sinkers or jigs is already prohibited in both 

Canada’s National Parks and Canada's Wildlife areas.

Lead is a highly toxic metal that can cause detrimental effects to the nervous and reproductive system in humans. With respect to wildlife, the ingestion of lead fishing sinkers and jigs can lead to blindness, muscle paralysis, reduced ability to reproduce, seizures and death. It is a major cause of death in breeding Common Loons in Canada, frequently exceeding deaths caused due to entanglement in fishing gear, trauma, disease, and other causes of mortality.

There is a large and diverse range of sizes and types of fishing sinkers and jig products available for sale in Canada. Each year on average the 3.3 million anglers in Canada will purchase 11 to 15 new sinkers and jigs to replace those that have been lost in Canada’s lakes and waterways. The vast majority of them contain lead and most are sold through sporting goods retailers. About 50 tonnes of lead sinkers and jigs are manufactured in Canada each year and about 465 tonnes (90% of the total) are imported, the majority of which come from China, the United States and Taiwan.


Please remember that when you buy one of our Lead-Free Lures you become part of a select group of anglers that care about maintaining the joy of fishing for generations to come.

For more information regarding  the use of lead and its effects on the environment please use the following links to Environment Canada:






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